Sunday, April 19, 2009

New movie ideas

Just a warning: these are all copyrighted by Tappens (c)

Last night we (mostly Henry) came up with some great new movie ideas. I think we'll drop out of college and pursue careers in Hollywood.

Movie #1: Funkytown
It a live-action movie with dogs, but they have animated mouths that make them talk. They are all voiced by famous comedians. Martin Lawrence plays some kind of terrier, George Lopez is a chihuahua, Cedric the Entertainer plays a bulldog with a screwed-up eye, and Beyonce Knowles (Sasha FIERCE!) plays a toy poodle. The dogs are in rival gangs in a neighborhood in the Bronx but they band together to fight off the dog-catcher (played by Bill Murray). Beyonce ends the show singing "Funkytown" - the classic 80s funk song - with dog barks in place of many of the instrumentals.

Movie #2: Ivy League
A gay guy (played by Zac Efron)tries to get into a Christian college only to be discriminated against and rejected because of his orientation. He pretends to be straight in order to attend the school, but the ruse falls apart when he's discovered on a date with his male lab partner (played by Zachary Quinto, Spock in the new Star Wars movie)! Our hero is distraught. He attempts suicide but is rescued by his football-playing roommate (played by Tom Welling from Smallville), whom we thought was nothing more than an ignorant jock. The school issues a full pardon and the Tappens win an Oscar. Also features Morgan Freeman as the sympathetic school counselor, Reese Witherspoon as his conflicted mother, and Ed Harris as the intolerant dean. Hit pop song/title track by Mariah Carey and Zac Efron.

Hope you enjoyed these. Look for them on the big screen in the next two years.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


So I haven't updated in a while, but I thought I'd go ahead and put up my pictures from the last month or so.

1) The Hunger Banquet. March 6-7. Those dates will be forever ingrained in my mind because of the hundreds of posters and handbills I put up around Provo. I was part of the publicity committee and as such I got to... publicize. The event turned out remarkably well and had 1,900 people show up over the two nights. We also made over $15,000 to donate to local non-profits (working locally and abroad in development-related issues). I had a great time helping greet people and serving food both nights.

Unfortunately, due to an unlucky run-in with the delete key, I lost most of my pictures from the night. Here are a few that were rescued:

This is my friend, Elisa. She's cool. We put up a lot of fliers together :)This is me in my Tanzanian dress (from my friend Katie). I did make that face most of the night. Oh yeah, the shoes aren't Tanzanian, but rather Old Navyian.

Deanna (former roommate of 3.5 years) and I. She had on a beautiful formal Chinese dress. Very classy.

2) Amy's (roommate of 2.5 years) sister's wedding reception in SLC. Once again, very classy. It was in the Joseph Smith Building, NOT the one on BYU campus but the real one. I was amused with the name tag:
It makes my first and (former) last name look very similar.

Here are the roomies! We're still in love even though I've left them for this man:

He is working hard to solve the world's problems and find an equation to take over the world. He's so hot.

3) Internship Fair. I had a booth at the Internship Fair at BYU last week (April 3rd) on my Internship to Northern Ireland last summer. I studied leukemia. The fair was mostly geared towards "normal people" (aka non-science people) so I focused my booth on explaining what leukemia is and what a chemical signaling pathway is. I used the game "Mousetrap" to explain a signalling pathway. People liked it. And I got a $50 gift certificate to the BYU bookstore, so I was pretty happy, too.

And yes. That is a real leprechaun.

4) Pictures at Utah Lake. I usually associate this lake with gross smells and swamp-like qualities. Who knew it was actually pretty? I went to take pictures there with Deanna during Priesthood Session last weekend, at sunset. If we were in love and one of us was a man and I wasn't married it would have been the perfect time to purpose.

Next big plans:


and then....

WASHINGTON DC!!!! We both have internships there over the summer. Henry at Bates White economic consulting and Tori at the National Institutes of Health. It will be an adventure (we leave on May 27th).