Monday, March 22, 2010

A very un-Provo encounter

Tonight I smelled weed while on the streets of Provo. That's right, drugs do exist in Happy Valley. It was the first time I can ever recall that happening in the four+ years I've lived here. This experience brought back many memories of walking home from the metro in DC last summer. Our neighbors on the end of the street would always be out enjoying themselves on the lawn... and I would come home with the sweet aroma infused in my hair and clothes, much to the surprise and confusion of Henry.

This reminds me of some other smell-related stories:

Once Henry came home smelling like BO (he never smells... seriously), but it wasn't the normal BO just in the armpits... it was all over his body. Then I found out that he had been to the Microsoft recruiting meeting that afternoon. Computer programmers had left their mark. Although I hope the ones that actually work for Microsoft may have slightly better personal hygiene.

So we usually hang our towels outside the bathroom to dry because we don't get good air circulation in there. In our studio apartment, this means hanging them on the kitchen chairs. It works pretty well most of the time, unless you make highly-aromatic garlic-infused Indian food only a few days after laundry day. Then you have the lovely surprise of rubbing garlicy goodness over your freshly scrubbed body. Yum.

P.S. That picture above is what the streets of Provo usually look like... ya know... llamas, cheering, parades, dorks wearing bird beaks and celebrating biology. It's actually me in the 2007 BYU Homecoming Parade as a duck, in case you couldn't tell.