Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Paternity Leave

Henry was lucky enough to get time off for paternity leave (thanks Microsoft!), so we had a chance to do some fun things. We did a lot around the Seattle area, and took a trip to Arizona over Labor Day weekend.

Here are some highlights:
  • Getting pooped on by a bird in a park in Bellevue. It also got on my library book! Oops!
  • Dim sum in the International District
  • Conveyor belt sushi in Bellevue - Henry is obsessed, but Geneva was really fussy the day after I ate here, so I'm not sure if she likes sushi
  • Drive up Steven's Pass - we ate at a great burger place called Zeke's... twice
  • Reptile Zoo - featuring a two-headed turtle and albino alligator 
  • Both sets of grandparents visiting at the same time! Wowsie!
  • Geneva's blessing - she looked like a little doll in her dress
  • Spraining my ankle by walking in downtown Redmond (which led to us cancelling our Olympic Peninsula trip and all plans associated with hiking, very sad indeed)
  • Trader Joe's sandwiches... yum
  • Seeing family in Arizona - Geneva got to meet lots of people
  • BBQs in our back yard with friends
  • Enjoying the sunshine! It's been a great summer!
And here's a ton of pictures chronicling our time:

Exploring local parks
The world's youngest astronaut (courtesy of The Museum of Flight)
With Grandma in Bellevue Downtown Park
Deception Falls - the first of many family portraits with the arm shot
Bellevue Botanical Gardens - another arm shot
Henry was skeptical at first, but ended up loving it. Go there!
Henry's finger in Skykomish
With Great Grandma Marion in AZ
On a safari at Gma and Gpa Harris's
Meeting Malia and Lokealani
Lovely cousins!
All dressed up for Uncle Alex and Aunt Katie's wedding
With happy cousin Emma
And another happy cousin, Lucy

Friday, September 21, 2012

Baby's New Trick

So this has only happened twice tonight .... so it might still be a fluke. We'll see if she can repeat it tomorrow. But I'm pretty proud of myself for catching it on video, so I had to post it. Enjoy! It's really short so you should be able to make it to the end :)

And just for kicks, here is Geneva enjoying tummy time with her friends. We really gotta get out more.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

2 months

Happy 2 month birth-a-versary Geneva! We still love you! Geneva is right on the 50th percentile for height and weight, 22 inches and 11 pounds. She may be average in her physique, but she is anything but average in our hearts.

Geneva is still a really easy baby. She sleeps through the night - with no need for coaxing or scheduling. I'll take it while it lasts! Geneva has started smiling and cooing. She loves to look at mommy and daddy. We often get asked if she's a boy... I guess since we don't put huge bows on her head. She's started growing hair and we often call her "fuzzy head" or "furry head".

Commence with the pictures (and videos at the end):

Very large cloth diaper! It kind of takes over her body...
Moving all of her limbs and smiling!
Smiley and kicking
She falls asleep with her arms raised, and then keeps sleeping with them in mid-air
Big blue eyes!
Loving video games with daddy... or just loving daddy :)
Toothless grin

Sucking on her hand, something she does every time she wakes up

Wiggling on her changing table.

Playing "Fruit Ninja" on the Kinect. She's pretty good actually.