Monday, August 26, 2013

Oregon Coast Trip

We decided to get away from the heat wave the first week of July, so we took a little impromptu road trip down the Oregon Coast! We'll definitely have to do it again and see the rest of the coast as we only made it halfway down. I realized as we stopped to take the first pictures that I had left my memory card in the computer at home... so all of these pictures are from my phone.

I think this claim might be a little iffy... there was no explanation whatsoever. 

Just me frying on the World's Largest Frying Pan, no big deal.

Henry was nervous about me taking a picture of "Jake the Alligator Man". Totally creepy.

The beach! Not your regular sunny, California beach, mind you. This is Oregon people!

I just loved Geneva's face here. I guess the reluctance to be in family photos has begun.

We fell in love with the Ergo on this trip. Borrowed this one from a friend, then bought an identical one when we got home!

Geneva was totally freaked out by this eel (I can't imagine why). She's actually just starting to cry in this picture.

Geneva loved the tiny Seaside Aquarium!
 They had a bunch of seals in this tiny area, it was so sad. I thought seals needed more room. But on the plus side, we got to get really close to them. Geneva was amazed.

Rockin' the shades, eatin' a seatbelt.
Geneva was so happy just strolling around the boardwalk in Seaside. It's fun having a baby that makes everyone smile. It was also super windy, so the video is a bit loud.

Geneva's first carousel ride. She was ambivalent - but it was right before nap time.

The Astoria Column. We made it to the top! But it wasn't really that hard...

View from the top of the column

My amazing, overpriced chocolate shake at the Chocolate Cafe in Cannon Beach. We didn't take pictures of our crepes because they were NOT amazing and also overpriced.

I think Geneva is resisting sitting here at one of the beautiful stops along Hwy 101.

Arm shot family photo! Geneva, once again, not interested.

Tillamook cheese factory! This was one of our favorite stops. Free cheese samples! Interesting little museum, but I wish there was more about the science of cheese-making.

Geneva perfected the two-handed assisted walk on this trip.

Another day at the beach in hoodies.
And some video of the beach. 

Geneva is always very interested in the camera.

She was a little bit hesitant about the sand.

Playing with mom's hair.

Exploring Portland. Geneva liked touching this seal.

I made Henry pose for this shot, but he chose the facial expression. Not exactly sure what he was going for. Probably "Nurrrr.... here look at me posing for this shot you wanted." This is at the International Rose Test Garden by the way. it was really cool to see all of the varieties.

Thanks to all of our friends who gave us recommendations. We had a great time! I'm just glad we live so close so we can go back and see everything we missed.