Friday, March 1, 2013

8 months

Our Geneva baby is 8 months old now! She loves to stick out her tongue and babble all the time. Not much has changed in the last month, still enjoys sitting and playing. She has gotten a little bit more adventurous with lunging for toys, but only on mom and dad's soft, cushy bed or off of mom's lap. She loves going for walks in the Bjorn (which is also a great workout for mom), and just silently watches the world in awe. She will grab anything put in front of her - or anywhere near her. She especially loves grabbing mom's hair while nursing. We're just enjoying watching her grow and learn about the world.

Right after this video, she lunged again and hurt her nose on a toy.... maybe it was a little scarring.

Phone enticement. Just ignore the "ouch" at the end (I bumped my knee).

Wee bit of babbling, and of course, grabbing for the camera.

Tongue. Always tasting the air.

I don't usually have her closet open, so when I do open it, she stares at the novelty.

Eating toys, as usual.
Learning the alphabet (minus D and I) and numbers... or just eating them.


A rare picture with mommy! This is the one where mommy looks best, not baby.

Face off with the phone. "Do I want it bad enough?"

Reaching for the camera. This may be the  only shot I get in the future.

Little trip to Snoqualmie Falls. The sun came out!

More tongue action.
So amazed by the amazingness of overalls.

Driving lessons.

Henry's gorgeous Valentine's date

Standing at the mirror. A new trick.