Saturday, April 16, 2011

Peep sushi

Peep sushi is all the rage in the hipster Seattle sushi bars (made with free-range, organic peeps obviously). It comes in three delicious flavors: yellow rabbit, pink chick, or purple chick.

Well... that may kind of be a lie. But if it becomes a truth then we get all the bragging rights!

Rice krispie treats=rice (duh)
Fruit-by-the-Foot=nori (seaweed)

Steps to make the goodness:
1. Take a peep (bird or rabbit variety) in your left hand
2. Mold some fresh-made rice krispie treats around it
3. Wrap the whole thing together with some Fruit-by-the-Foot
4. Give it away to someone because you probably shouldn't be eating that much sugar

Unfortunately they don't make Fruit-by-the-Foot in green flavors, and I was too cheap to only use the green portions of the rainbow ones, so the nori is mostly red... maybe from a red-tide or something? Use your imagination.