Sunday, December 2, 2012

5 months

Geneva is 5 months now! Not too much new this month, but she loves blowing raspberries and drooling/spitting. She is still calm and content and sleeping through the night (knock on wood). She's our little angel. Ok and now for the pictures/videos.

Halloween at our parent-baby group at the hospital.
Geneva is the skeleton being attacked by/attacking the giraffes.
Here is a video of the 3-6 month babies positioned for their photo op. It was so hilarious seeing them all wiggling and squirming! And there was almost no crying! I think they were all too confused by the costumes and all the flash photography.

Taking a nap with daddy

In her snow suit getting ready for a walk!

Tummy-to-tummy time

The flash is a little weird on Geneva's face, but the drool/spit-up down her shirt was too amazing to pass up.
We love making her walk. It's just funny imagining a tiny baby like her walking around.

Wearing an antique dress from her great grandma Marion.

Fell asleep while holding her toy.

Matching with Helena at church. Geneva is 2 months older, but they are now about the same size!

She loves to stand!

So many toys! Ah!

Dressed as Santa for a Saturday night date.

Just dancing