Saturday, July 6, 2013

12 months!

This is the best blanket shot I could get this month! Geneva is not a big fan of laying down on her back for any length of time. Her favorite things to do are play with her walker toy and have mom and dad read her books. She loves walking along furniture and walking holding hands, but she's not too good at balancing on her own yet, so walking independently may be a little way off. She has recently started pointing at things (especially in books), giving slobbery kisses, and waving bye-bye. It has just been so fun to watch her learn and grow over this past year! Geneva weighs 18 lb. 6 oz. (10th percentile), and is 29.8 inches long (75th percentile).

Family portrait on Father's Day

Daddy and daughter

Cute baby

Mid-scoot. It's hard to get a true smile picture, but I think I caught one here!

Birthday presents! She does have some more toys from a garage sale that I have yet to clean... but I made that doll! Maybe I'll write a blog post on that sometime.

Playing with some new toys. That green ball is in mid-air, being tossed to the side because she was done with it.

Riding in a wagon at a birthday party! She loved it, even though you can't tell from this picture

Walking at the park. She also loves to scoot at the park, which means she gets bark all over her legs.

Geneva now stands when she wakes up from her naps. She won't make any noise, she'll just stand there waiting and watching the door until I happen to check on her.

Waving bye bye!

Reading books.

Making cute faces

At the beach! She shrieked at first, but she ended up liking the water.

Well, I think this will be the last of the month posts. I'll still post lots of pictures of Geneva (because she's the most exciting thing in our life), but I'll try to talk about other things too! Feel free to comment so I feel validated with the effort :)