Sunday, April 29, 2012

AZ Baby Shower

Just wanted to write a quick post about my Arizona baby shower! I went down to AZ for a nice, relaxing, sunshine-y weekend. My sister Rebecca kindly threw me a baby shower so I was able to see some family and old friends while I was there.

We have a running family joke about a "boob" cake because my mom has these balloon cake tins that are strikingly similar to some female anatomy... Anyway, we decided to make a literal boob cake for the shower. I kept it modest by adding a bra and a baby :)

 Friends and family playing a game.

 Rebecca and I striking a pose. We're so cute together.

Me and my mommy!

Delicious food! I seriously ate too much of this stuff. I was eating for 3 that day apparently. 

And thank you Southwest Airlines for having free checked bags! I was able to take all my presents home and not pay any extra fees.

Watch Me Grow (part 3)

Here is the next installment! Only ~two more to go! You can see that I went to Africa for a week and took a picture next to a giraffe. (Or my parents have some interesting home decor...)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Watch Me Grow (part 2)

Yeah, I missed a week, #25. Oh well. I'm sure you can infer what I looked like in between there.

Maui Babymoon 2012

So before I post about the other big event in our life (moving into our house!), I thought I'd be chronological and post about our Hawaii trip.

This was our "babymoon" or last trip alone without our little one. It was really nice to just be together and have a relaxing trip! We enjoyed snorkeling, walking/hiking, reading at the cabana, and eating at dives (we're pretty brave). We didn't do any really fancy tours or anything, and just had a low-key, relaxing vacation. It was just what I needed to get my mind off of our impending carpet purchase and move.

Family picture! I have a better one on my phone, but I've decided to just post real camera pictures up here. It's classy to have your first family photo be an arm shot.
Henry doing the haka. He's real tough.

Our last few days it was a bit stormy (notice the sky resembling Seattle, and our hoodies). So there was no swimming in the ocean, but it was great to see the huge waves!

One of the places we really liked, Ono Kau Kau. I LOVE macaroni salad. If only it were healthy.

We did do the infamous "Road to Hana" - a winding road that takes you on the north coast of Maui to Hana. There are lots of little waterfalls and stuff to see along the way, but our favorite was definitely the black sand beaches! They were so cool!

Baby now has proof that she's been to the black sand beaches :)

The view of the beaches from the parking lot. The waves were huge here too!

Shave ice. With ice cream. It was amazing.

The beginning of the Road to Hana.

Cross dressing/posing:

Isn't she charming?

On a hike at Kapalua. This was the most gorgeous part of the hike!

Another shot to prove to our future offspring that she has been to Hawaii. I look like I'm posing all fancy but really I just didn't want my hat to fly off in the wind.

And last but not least, this is the beach and cabana right by our condo. It was so gorgeous!