Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kreative Naymes!

Henry and I were brainstorming our favorite baby names (seriously for no reason...), and we came up with a list that we'd like to share with the world. PLEASE feel free to use any and/or all of these names if you have a child in the works (aka prego). Some of these can be bi-gender (like all good names, of course), but I'll list them by which gender we thought they fit best:

For Her:

Rubella (nickname Ruby or Ella)
Laceration (nickname Lacey)

For Him:

Abrasion (nickname Abe)

We'll keep you updated as to the number of children who are born with these names in the next year. They'll definitely catch on sooner or later.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Big news.... but not that

In approximately six months we'll be saying goodbye to P-town, goodbye to studio apartment, goodbye to BYU, goodbye to undergraduate education, goodbye to Google, goodbye to iPod, goodbye to Mac (if we used one)....

And we'll be saying HELLO to Seattle, hello to a bedroom, hello to a real job, hello to Bing!, hello to Zune, hello to xbox, hello to PCs (which are NOT dorky, by the way).

All of this because Henry accepted a job with a silly little company. Well, they're actually pretty successful, so that's kind of reassuring. Henry will be working as a program manager at Microsoft! It's kind of a change of direction from what we'd be planning on (Henry getting a PhD in econ) but it's all for the best and we feel great about the decision. We're so excited to start this new phase in our lives and try to learn how to be grown-ups.

Tori may have to try to learn to like fish since she won't be in a land-locked state anymore. Unfortunately, we'll also have to buy umbrellas that work (a problem we've had for a while).

So from one Washington to the other, I guess.

If you've ever been to the Seattle area, we could definitely use any suggestions/advice you have!

P.S. The picture is of the Microsoft staff circa 1978.... AND the current dress and style-code at Mircosoft. Looks like Henry's gonna turn into a thrifter!