Thursday, September 3, 2009


So after our internships in DC finished we went on a whirlwind vacation to NYC and Boston. We also spent about 20 hours on various bus rides ... not too fun, but worth it for the price!

Here we are in Central Park. Most of our pictures are "arm shots" - ya know, where you stick out your arm and take the picture yourself (I'm pretty good at them actually) - but this one was taken by a kind stranger (you'll notice both of my arms are visible):
NYSE, baby. Doesn't Henry just look so happy?
Ground Zero. Seeing the former site of the WTC up-close made us realize how scary it must have been when the buildings came crashing down 8 years ago. Everything is so close together in Manhattan that it must have been a nightmare to be anywhere in the vicinity.

View of the Statue of Liberty, the sun, and some other tourists from the Staten Island Ferry:
I don't remember why Henry is whistling or singing or something, but he sure is cute doing it:
This is my artsy shot of my not well-manicured foot, a fence, and the fuzzy Manhattan skyline in the distance:
Enjoying sunset from Staten Island! It was cool to see the city light up as the sun went down:
This was from one of the exhibitions at the Met (I can't remember what it's called...). It's an ancient Egyptian temple, and I found it amusing that there is also not-so-ancient graffiti on it:
Tori in chocolate heaven:
We then boarded a bus to Boston and stayed with some good friends of ours, Malia and David, who graciously let us sleep in their living room and share their toothbrushes (...they don't know that...). We had a delicious calzone and then a cannoli (one each, of course). I definitely felt that for a while.
Wow! The Old North Church:
Napping in Boston Common:
Taking the ferry to Martha's Vineyard. This is my all-natural hair, by the way, a nice wavy mess:
The safety (?) sign on the ferry... still not exactly sure what that's supposed to mean. It sure didn't make us feel any safer:
We rented bikes and rode all around the island. It was a nice sunny day and we didn't wear any sunscreen (we just love skin cancer) - I paid for it that night when I got delayed sunsickness and re-experienced dinner... But anyway, MV was consistently beautiful: the houses, the ocean, the lighthouse, the flowers, EVERYTHING. We would definitely rent/buy a home there someday if we make it big with one of our movie ideas. Beautiful park and eccentric architecture:
HPT is proud to present.... THE OCEAN!!
And how could we go to Martha's Vineyard without remembering the Obama's (who were vacationing with us.... or on the island at the same time)?!? Of course chocolate and ice cream is the best way to celebrate anything, especially if the food 1) is accompanied by a nice detailed diagram of the contents, 2)is available for a reasonable price that reflects the number of the president (44th), and 3) has a name could possibly be taken as an extremely politically incorrect racist comment: