Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mountain Mommas

I'm not exactly a Momma, but the "Mountain Mommas" hiking group happily accepted me into their posse. They are a lively group of women from our Relief Society church group. I may be the youngest by a few years, but we're all the same age in spirit :)

One of the signs on the trail gave a very detailed pictorial description of what could happen if one was careless and went off the trail. And for some reason I'm smiling.

We have hiked a few of the trails here in Western Washington and it's been a blast. Too bad it's going to start raining soon... I don't know how much of a hiker I am when I have to get wet.
Here's one thing I've seen a lot on hikes that I'm not used to...
... the banana slug! I've almost stepped on these guys so many times. Just imagine the carnage that would be left on your sneaker. Gross! Notice the finger there for size comparison -- and keep in mind that I have long fingers (piano-playing ones).

Henry (not a Mountain Momma) and I have also gone on some hikes while the weather's been nice. We are not very hard core, but we like nature and mild/moderate exercise.
Here he is with some stuff growing on a tree stump.

And here he is in a blurry picture that makes him look really fast. He actually was running fast, but I suck at taking in focus pictures which ends up making him look amazing and awesome.

And here is Henry being overcome by the beauty of the forest. Ah! All the beauty! (What does it mean!?!??!)