Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Notorious HPT

This is the inspiration for the name of our blog. We proudly present Henry's graduation rap:

This video has over 37,000 hits on YouTube. That makes my husband a famous rapper! His rapper name is The Notorious HPT (Henry Potter Tappen). He can beat you up.... with words... or econometrics.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Go Fourth to the Capitol

Happy Independence (not dense) Day! That reminds me of a funny Andy Sandberg digital short.

We started off the weekend by going to Arlington National Cemetery and seeing the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. We also went to Georgetown Cupcake and waited in line for 30 minutes to buy a little bit of heaven. I do love chocolate A LOT, but the wait was a little bit ridiculous.
(We all know you're really just here to see me, so it doesn't really matter that Henry's left eye is cut off. Isn't the right side of his face cute, though?)

(I thought it was funny that they swung out their legs before they stopped walking, so I was soo happy when I caught this lil' pic.)

Random science fact: Did you know that they exhumed the remains of the Vietnam unknown soldier and identified him through his mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA)? mtDNA is inherited through the mother because the egg contributes the bulk of the cell (including organelles like mitochondria), while the sperm only holds DNA. Wowsie!

On the fourth we went forth to downtown DC and saw the big show.

(Random people we don't know)

(This is us looking up at the fireworks. They turned us into giddy, blissful children... no lies. I have a video with Henry exclaiming "WOW" with perfect child-like awe)

After the show, we were walking through the crowd to get to our bus-stop and we came stumbled upon a magical street performer.

But this was not just any street performer. And that is NOT Chairman Mao behind him (not a racist comment, but just a remark on the way I edited the photo). This guy was actually playing CLASSICAL MUSIC on the STEEL DRUMS. This guy was a mix between Marley and Mozart, Rastafarian-ism and Ravel, Dreadlocks and Debussy, Jamaica and Johannes..., sorry I just got on a roll there. I'll put up a video soon so you can see, and hear, for yourself (our internet is too slow and it won't upload right now).