Sunday, April 11, 2010

Moab trip 2010 - feat. HPT, VAT and da Lefgrens

We just got back yesterday from a little vacation with my sister's fam. We drove down and did some hikes in the Moab area over a few days. Here are some of the highlights: No jackets (mostly)! Gross hotel pool! Cool rock stuff! Funny kid antics! Pretty scenery!

Here are da Lefgrens. They are pretty cool. Lucy doesn't know how to pose for pictures yet (far left).
Girls in a "cave". Emma and Lucy had more fun searching for "caves" than actually hiking.
A cute picture of Lucy. She almost smiled!
Henry looking cute. That's Corona Arch in the background (Cool Rock Formation #1). It kinda blends in with the rock behind it, but if you look at the shadow you can tell it's legit.
CRF #2. It looks like a monster. It went along well with the story Henry told the kids about the whole area being a Zombie Reservation.
A good close-up of CRF#1, Corona Arch. Some crazies hiked up to the top. Luckily they did not fall to their death in front of the kiddies.
Henry being confused as to what this contraption is. A phone? That you pay to use? What?!?! Our children will probably have the same reaction (being raised in the cell phone age and all).
CRF #3. Another arch thingy. There was an extreme drop off just on the other side of the arch, so we're actually really REALLY brave just to be sitting there. Give us props.
CRV (Cool Rock View). JP and Noah fell off the edge, but no one really misses them much.

And last but not least.... the video that kinda sums up Lucy's attitude on the whole trip. She was extremely obstinate and wanted to be independent while hiking and climbing on rocks. I really am hoping to show this video to her future husband someday... hopefully to show how much she's changed:

We had a lot of good laughs over just how true to her personality this is and just how different she is than the rest of her siblings (they are all really good, obedient kids). We love her even though she is crazy.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Weekend

Easter coincided with General Conference weekend this year, so we got to spend time with family all weekend long! It was great being entertained by children, especially for short increments of time.This is the pose our niece Lucy chose when I decided to take her picture. I guess no one has taught her how to smile nicely and look cute (like JP). Instead, she prefers to make her usual scowl and do jazz hands...
Dying eggs with Noah and Emma. This was my FIRST TIME EVER dying eggs (I guess it was just one of those traditions that never caught on in my family) and I had fun making decorations with duct tape (we didn't go too fancy).
That's my egg second up from the bottom on the right. It's pretty hot.
We also spent some time with Henry's sister Clare and her adorable daughters, Mesia and Anna. For some reason this is the only picture I have of them, which is a shame because they are INSANELY cute. We went to a nearby park and "hid" eggs for them (which actually consisted of us throwing them across the lawn while their backs were turned). They both had priceless reactions whenever they found an egg though, it was like a novel experience every time.

Only two more months in P-town. We're really going to miss having so much family close by. I mean, what would we do without all those free meals and laundry trips?