Tuesday, October 6, 2009

the daily grind

So in the last month we've just been settling in to our daily routines:
5am: Alarm goes off ("Gold Digger" ringtone). Snooze. Wake-up. Shower etc. H makes T lunch.
6am: T catches bus to SLC and reads books, H goes back to sleep or starts work.
8-5pm-ish: T works, sacks (sacrifices) mice, finds out how nicotine affects the immune system and how it can affect developing babies. H works, goes to school, learns about measure theory and dynamic programming and other hard math.
6:30pm - bedtime: chill, eat, cuddle, etc. (service to the poor, putting together humanitarian aid kits, cleaning the wounds of lepers, and giving blood)

rinse. repeat.

Here are some things that H and T have been enjoying lately:
1. Trying to become ventriloquists, which really just involves avoiding words with letters like "m" and "b", etc.
2. Autotune the news. Seriously funny. Especially if you are familiar with T Pain, Kanye, etc. There are about 8 videos, but our favorite is found here.
3. Chocolate. This is a regular for T, actually....
4. New phone! H got a fancy phone with a whole QWERTY keyboard on it... too bad he doesn't have texting.
5. Wonderful conference!
6. Spending time with family. Kids are entertaining. Take for example, our 3-year-old niece who wants to be naked Dumbledore (time 1:18 here) for Halloween. She has a natural aversion to wearing clothes. We attribute it to the fact that she is actually Tarzan.
7. Trying to play D&D with H's old roommate (meathead, and wife). T was an elven druid named Valanthia or "Val". H was a barbarian named Grognak.
8. Indian food in all its forms. Bombay House and/or homemade. If you have any recipes you'd recommend send them our way.
9. Lots of books. Our nifty goodreads sidebars can testify to that.
10. Hayao Miyazaki films. So good. Kiki's Delivery Service and Porco Rosso are our most recent favorites.

That's it. Come say hello if you are in town.