Friday, May 3, 2013

10 months

Happy 10 months, Geneva! I think this is my favorite age so far. She makes us laugh every day. She is a gorgeous little chatterbox. She makes funny noises all day long. Geneva is a certified scooter -- she can get around pretty well now, even if it is pretty slow (not complaining). Not sure if there is any "crawling" in sight, but she now has started inching her way across the furniture. She is just starting to get her first tooth, it's still a bump, but maybe by next month! She started clapping this month. She does it most often when we sing songs that she likes. Now for pictures and videos!

So I'm putting a lot of videos on here because I take a lot of videos... Don't worry, they are short.


Scooting. Talking. Going for the camera.

 Swinging and babbling.

Giggling with Daddy before bedtime.

Just babbling.

Excited about the penguins at the zoo. Sorry for my loud voice and finger in the shot...

Can you find the cute baby? She loves standing there and looking out the window.

Beautiful face

At the zoo with friends

On a walk with Daddy

She loves kneeling in her crib after naps

Discovering grass and sunshine

Another "can you find the cute baby?" Don't be confused by the  weird ceramic hat guy we inherited from the last owners.

Discovering flowers (and when I say flowers I really mean weeds)

Being entertained by cousins. We took a trip to Utah! More on this in another post.

Wearing the hat with the family crest
Another "real" blanket shot

Hanging with mommy, sticking out the tongue.