Sunday, June 30, 2013

Birthday Party!

We had a little party for Geneva yesterday and it was great fun! Here are some pictures to prove it.

Pre-party backyard

Kids mask-making and bubbles.
Birthday sign (made by sis-in-law) that will probably be at every birthday party.

I got an idea from a blog to print out oversized pictures of the birthday girl! Fun, easy, cheap ($1.65) decorations!

Another 18x24 print. As soon as we put these up in the kitchen, Geneva kept pointing to them. It seemed like she was saying, "Hey! That's me!"

The food

The table

Birthday girl!

This is the only picture I took during the party (except cake pics, of course).

Geneva and her cake. I wasn't actually too surprised that she didn't get messy. She's just our dainty little girl.
Birthday song, Dad blowing out the candle, and a taste of frosting.

Geneva eating her cake like a lady. She just used a pincer grasp to eat little bits of cake. Ladies don't get messy.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

11 months

For this month's blanket shot, you get a series...

This month Geneva has gotten more and more wiggly. She is still bum-scooting, but she is now bum-scooting everywhere! She also loves pulling herself up on everything. She recently learned how to sit down, and at first it was in major slow motion, which was pretty funny to watch. It was like an intense crunch workout. Geneva finally got her first tooth this month! She was noticeably more fussy and liked to chew on her hands a lot. The first one to come in was the lower left, followed by the lower right a week or so later. Here's a picture to prove it!

Geneva is such a little chatterbox. She says "mama" and "dada", but it's really just mostly babbling those sounds at us. She makes this funny squinty eye smiley face. It almost looks like a fake smile, but it sure is cute. She loves to read and play with books.
Introductory Calculus. She'll move on to the real stuff after her birthday, don't worry.
She loves her peekabo books.

Reading with daddy. She's a pro at turning pages, we just have to get her to slow down enough so we can read the story. I guess she's a speed reader.

Learning Russian - she found a dictionary just her size :)

 A more complicated bum-scoot. 

Standing and sitting.

Clapping while swinging.

Baby playdate

Just hanging out in the pantry.


This is how Geneva rides in swings. We've tried and tried to get her to sit back, but she insists this is better. Maybe it's more like flying?

Fancy new toy (for free via Craigslist)

Yogurt mustache

In the slow-motion sitting phase. She held this for a few seconds, now her thighs are ripped!