Monday, May 25, 2009

Goodbye Provo

Well.... only for three months.

And hello DC!!!

(p.s. we hate packing)

Monday, May 11, 2009


So on Sunday, in commemoration of Mother's Day, I made lots of homemade food. And that actually means that I made two recipes (and peas). #1 is pineapple muffins. Sooooo good. Not healthy at all, especially with that glaze, but soooo good. It was a recipe from my cooking class that I took last semester. And actually, they are healthy! They have pineapples! That cancels out all the other ingredients. (Behind the muffins is our beautiful green stove, doesn't it match the plate well - on purpose of course)
#2 - Henry and I made Indian food for dinner. Chicken Korma. This was AMAZING and super easy. It was only hard to find mango chutney, but besides that it was cake. The recipe was from and it was as good as a restaurant. It kind of looks like throw-up, but I promise it tastes divine. And look how healthy we are!!! Frozen peas!!! And the beautiful presentation!!! I'm ready to have many, many children ... obviously.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


I graduated from BYU! I have a BS in Molecular Biology with a minor in Philosophy. So I'm a scientists who loves knowledge. But more importantly, now I am an educated woman. Soon I'll be asking for the right to vote or own property or something. Man, has Henry got his work cut out for him!

So this picture isn't exactly the greatest, but it's the best one on my camera. My dad (the photography guru of the family) took some with his really nice camera that hopefully he'll send to me soon. The traditional graduation attire is so strange - the robe makes you look like an elephant even when it's sized, and the pointy hat should seriously come with a warning (I poked many people and may have caused some injuries).

It was just nice having family in town. My parents and two sisters came in to support me (but the sisters just really wanted free food from my parents). We went on a walk near their hotel in Provo and got this nice photo. We also went out to Bombay House and got indigestion. Yum! (Seriously though, Indian food is the best.)

Then we went to Colorado to visit my brother's family (with new Baby Sarah) and Henry's parents. Baby Sarah (not just Sarah - you have to add the "baby" in front) was less than two weeks old and oh so cute. This is my other niece Delaney with her little sister. Even the craziest 7-year-old (Delaney) can be calmed by the presence of a precious baby.

We saw the sights of Pueblo, Colorado: the downtown Riverwalk (pics below), the new Chipotle, City Park (played Bocce Ball), and the used bookstore - Books Again. It was rather eventful. We also had an open house with Henry's parents and got to celebrate our wedding again! It made us feel like newly weds again!!! Oh wait...